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I'm not just a member of the pop-culture industry, I'm a fan as well! One of the ways I like to relax and challenge my creativity is to express my fandom through cosplay. Before joining the anime industry, I had a career as a professional costumer, doing wardrobe and stage management in Las Vegas. I've also attended dozens of events, both domestically and internationally as a cosplay guest under the name Tristen Citrine. Though my duties as a Marketing Director keep me quite busy these days, it's important to squeeze in a little creative fun from time to time.


This is a very small sampling of some of my favorite cosplay costumes from the over 150 creations I've made over the years. Though I learned to sew when I was in 4th grade, anime cosplay has been a passion since 1998. Future costumes will likely be shown off in the blog. Click on the images to see the full size and more info. 

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